About Us

People usually consider 3 main criteria when choosing something online, and they are price, quality, and reviews. But can one use the same approach when choosing a dating site? No, it’s just not enough. The thing you need to rely on tons of criteria, from the price to support and privacy policy to choose the right platform.

That’s what we do. We analyze all that for our site visitors. It took a lot of time to understand how the online dating business actually works, and we can’t say we didn’t make any mistakes. However, now we have the experience, enthusiasm, and some skills that help us analyze and choose the best dating platforms and mail order bride sites for you.

How we earn money

Our website and content you can find here is available to all users. We don’t charge any subscription fees or anything — you can access all reviews and rankings at any time. However, we get paid by some of the promoted platforms reviewed on VietnamBrideOnline.com. How do we get rewards? We are paid if a user follows the link to a dating/mail order bride website, creates an account, and makes a purchase.

The fact that we cooperate with dating platforms may affect the rankings that you can find on VietnamBrideOnline.com. Nevertheless, the fact that we are paid or not paid is not the only criteria we consider. As we have noted above, we consider multiple criteria like users’ opinion, privacy protection, billing policy, support, and many other things that matter to a person interested in starting a long-distance relationship.

How we review dating websites & mail order bride sites

So, how exactly do we work? Our team (analysts, designers, sociologists) analyze all the available information about a particular dating/mail order bride website on the web, create their own accounts to test services, ask people who’ve already been using this site about the experience they had, evaluate the quality of features and compare it to the quality and prices of services offered by its competitors. We make every effort to provide you with up-to-date, relevant information and are closely following all the changes and updates.

The main criteria we consider when analyzing the websites

Here are the key points we focus on when reviewing any dating or mail order bride website:

  • Number of members & daily visitors. SEO platforms like Ahrefs and Semrush are just perfect to find out how many people are actually using the site, and more importantly, how many singles keep using it over time.
  • Online reputation. We never ignore the opinions of real users. Our team looks for all the reviews and all kinds of feedback on such sites as Trustpilot, Influenster, and social networking sites, analyzes it, and considers this when writing a review.
  • Billing policy. The site may be affordable or high-end, but we believe that it can’t be overpriced. We not only consider the prices but also the quality of features and compare them to the prices and features offered by the company’s competitors.
  • Design. This is an important part of the overall experience one has on a platform. We evaluate the navigation, design, compatibility of the site, too.
  • Users’ profiles (in every sense.) We pay attention not only to the profiles on the site and the amount of information that members usually share but also to members themselves. How old are they? How attractive are they? How often do they reply to messages? All that matters.
  • Support. We also contact support to find out how qualified the team is and how fast they usually respond and solve common problems.
  • As you can see, there is a lot of work to do. However, all that analysis helps us rank sites properly, so if you are looking for a good site to meet and date a girl from Vietnam, you are likely to find it here!