How Can Vietnamese Brides Be Happy With An American? My Story

How Can Vietnamese Brides Be Happy With An American? My Story Post Thumbnail

Hello everyone, my name is Bian, I am 24 y.o. I was born in Hue. This is a Vietnamese province I lived in before I met Daymon and we moved to San Francisco. So today I wanna tell you a story of how we met. In brief, I was a Vietnam girl for marriage, and now I am a millionaire’s wife.

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Mail Order Brides Sites Or Dating Sites?

What is modern international dating like? Generally speaking, it can be divided into two main areas.

The first one is represented by dating websites. These are the platforms where people meet each other, look for any kind of communication from casual sex to serious relationships. Some of them still focus on a particular group of people, for example, singles looking for a soulmate, but in most cases, these are still platforms that can be used by anyone.

The second category is the sites with mail order brides only. How are they different from regular dating sites? It’s about ladies. Good niche platforms accept ladies who are not only looking for some kind of relationship but are 100% sure that they are ready to get married. More importantly, they must be ready to move abroad with their new spouse.

Asian dating sites and niche platforms with mail-order brides often offer different sets of services. The first ones have standard features like live chat and sometimes translation services, while mail-order bride websites are aimed at helping people get really close and that’s why many niche platforms offer video chat, phone calls, meeting requests, etc.

What sites are better? Both are great, actually. You just need to know which one to choose and how to use them. Here, you’ll find the reviews of dating sites and mail order bride sites, so you can choose the platform that really suits your needs.

Who Are Vietnamese Mail Order Brides?

Vietnamese brides are mail order brides from Vietnam. Most of them are women like me, come from low-income families, and want to live a better life. I became a mail order bride after my friend married an American. She suggested me to register on VietnamBrideOnline, and I did it. So I can say that Vietnamese mail order brides are simple girls, like your friend or your sister. We were born in a place where there are few possibilities to grow as a person.

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But each of us wants to have a decent life, that’s how we appear on the mail order bride sites as Vietnamese wives.

Vietnamese Women, Western Men. Why They Crave To Match?

The main reason is that we can fulfill the needs of each other. Western men often need love, warmth, and happiness in the family. Primarily they want someone around during the tough times of their lives. Daymon was almost bankrupt when we met, and now, 3 years later, he is a millionaire. He tells it’s because I never let him give up and always been around.

On the other side, Vietnamese women want a man to be the family leader, and they can be loyal during the whole life. They will never let you down or betray or cheat with your neighbor. I love this quality in my Vietnamese sisters.

Hot And Sexy Vietnamese Girls Post Thumbnail

Now I want every western man to understand that you will never find a better wife than a Vietnamese woman. Daymon tells me I am best every day

What Makes Vietnam Women Special Wives?

We have a different approach to marriage in comparison with Western countries. For starters, Vietnam girls need to be virgins before the wedding. People consider the union as a permanent state; if a girl had a divorce, people judge her. Earlier divorce was impossible at all. But let’s talk about what you get if you get a Viet wife.

  • Vietnam girls care a lot about how they look. So you will be in perfect company.
  • We are optimistic, and we like to have fun!
  • We are loyal, we choose a man for life.

So if you would like to live a life with a brilliant-looking and charming girl, find a Vietnamese wife.

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FAQ About Vietnam Girls For Marriage

What Is Better: Meet Vietnamese Women Online Or In Person?

Vietnamese women are quite rare birds. So it’s better to hunt on them online. Even if you meet Vietnamese women in person, she may be already married. Vietnamese women for dating live only on marriage agency websites. Real dating is a complicated ritual for most of the western men.

What’s more, for a man from the USA it’s OK to find a girl on OkCupid, make out with her and never call back. This behavior will destroy a Vietnamese woman for a long time. So please don’t play with our feelings. We can be excellent wives, but terrible casual partners.

Are Vietnam Dating Scams Real?

Yes, they are real. But scams happen only with those who connect via the cheap sites without a proper reputation. VietnamBrideOnline is one of the top websites where you can find a lot of trustworthy places to search for a wife. Daymon and I met because of this aggregator. I don’t remember what marriage site I choose for the registration by now. But I do remember VietnamBrideOnline!

I recommend you guys not to look for the cheapest solution if it’s about your future wife. I can say this choice will affect all your life when we speak of a Vietnamese wife.

Can I Trust Mail Order Bride?

Yes you can, the more you know her, the more you can trust. It works like this with all the women across the world. You can trust Vietnamese women. But you can’t trust people who are behind the beautiful profiles on the no-name marriage sites. You better save your money when you are already married. Searching a wife requires some effort, and you better hire a premium marriage broker.

Remember one thing, you need to build trust day by day, with everyone. Please don’t think we, mail order brides, are somehow different.

What I Need to Pay For to Get Mail Order Bride?

You need to pay for everything for her. Like her ticket, her new car, her visa. Some designer clothing, jewelry, car. In general, everything she wants will be on you, as well as agency fees. I don’t know anything about agency fees. You see, I prefer dealing with cooking and our baby rather than with our bills.

So, if you are greedy or needy, you cannot count on getting an awesome mail order wife. Sorry, guys, but that is true. We, Vietnamese women, are awesome, and only the best men deserve to marry us!

How Do I Buy A Mail Order Bride?

Like you usually buy things on Amazon: see the price tag, add to cart, checkout. Lol, I was kidding. In reality, the marriage industry has nothing in common with Amazon. Daymon told me he passed various tests before guys in the wedding agency let him see the catalog. Then he selected me, we emailed a little, video chatted, and then I left Vietnam for him.

Daymon used some land-based agencies, but if you’d like to use an online site, that’s simpler. You will need to take some tests, but for free and you will not wait for the results for a day. After it’s all the same: emailing, video chatting, gifts. Such a nostalgy!

How Long Does It Take to Find a Wife Online?

It depends on you. Some men find their soulmates within a week as Daymon found me. Other men can chill on various websites for years. But there is a trick in speeding up that process. It would be best if you had a professional photo session and an impressive profile. Also and it’s best if you start with bombarding women with some gifts!

Gifts attract attention more than standard hello’s. Trust me, I was a popular woman on this website, but Daymon started to chat with me after he sent me five virtual flowers! Each of them costs a lot! I felt great, and I understood this man is thinking of me like no one else.

How Much Does It Cost To Find A Mail Order Bride?

The more — the better, that’s what I can say! The budget of getting a woman from your dreams can go up and up, as far as you let it go! The starting point is somewhere about 15 thousand dollars, as I heard. It would be best if you were at least a middle-class American to afford a mail order wife.

Please, don’t try to make up stories like “I am rich, but now bankrupt”. It looks pathetic.

What Can Be Tricky In Long-Distant Relations With Mail Order Brides?

I will make a shortlist, please try to remember it and know, if you have troubles in any of these aspects, it’s OK.

    1. Keeping loyalty. Lack of physical contact can provoke you on cheating.
    2. Different mentality.
    3. Language barrier.

The good thing is your bride will never cheat on you. But it would be best if you kept yourself loyal too. Please study something about the culture of your bride. Daymon cooked me some Goi Cuon(spring rolls in Vietnam) when we arrived in San-Fran. I never loved him more. Also, it would be best if you start to teach your bride your language.


Being a mail order bride is fun as much as finding one! You might put some effort into both, but it pays off very quick! Good luck with finding your soulmates!